Architect Peter S. Morgan

Morgan Atelier Architecture’s goal is to add innovation and convenience to beautiful design, both in homes and public spaces.  The name Morgan Atelier comes from the image of an artist’s studio.  As a third-generation architect, the craft of this profession is always a jumping off point, and the balances of historical accuracy, modern convenience, and the client’s vision is what keeps the work creative and inspiring.


•Delivering projects on time and on budget is our highest priority
•We strive for excellence in all facets of the design and delivery process
•Communication is key where intelligent responsive action is indispensable
•We believe in the golden triangle; the collaboration between Owner, Architect and Builder promotes inspired creations
•We make the design and construction process enjoyable and exciting
•The end result is the measure of our success: our client’s satisfaction


Commercial, Residential, Institutional, Planning, Interior Design, Landscape Design


New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut